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Becker Breast Implants
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Adjustable Gel Implants 

Intraoperative Adjustable Gel Implants

Specific Adjustable Implants

Single-lumen saline implant (Spectrum)

The adjustable saline implant functions exactly like a normal saline implant, with the added advantage of volume increase and decrease capabilities.

Double-lumen saline-gel implant (Becker-Mentor)

Model implant names of the double-lumen saline-gel implant are as follows: Becker 50/50, Becker 25/75 and the Contour Profile Gel (CPG) Becker Implants. The Becker 50/50 is composed of 50% gel in the outer chamber and 50% saline in the inner chamber. The Becker 25/75 is a double-lumen implant with 25% gel in the outer chamber and 75% saline in the inner chamber. The CPG Becker is an anatomically shaped implant with 35% gel in the outer chamber and 65% saline in the inner chamber. These implants are mostly used in reconstruction surgery. However, in selective cases they are useful in treating complications of the breast following breast implant surgery.

Becker Adjustable Breast Implants / Expanders

The Becker is the only gel product that gives you the option of a single or two-stage breast reconstruction. These unique products have an inner lumen containing saline that allows for tissue expansion and an outer lumen of gel, that is designed to provide a softer feeling implant. The remote injection dome makes volume adjustments simple and can easily be removed when expansion is complete.

Adjustable Gel Spectra 

The Spectra adjustable gel implant is a dual-lumen gel implant. However, it has a small inner chamber that can be filled with saline. Gel percentage in the Spectra can range from 100% to 80% of total volume. The implant can be placed in the patient with or without any saline in the inner chamber. If the size is satisfactory, then the fill tube is removed. The implant for all intents and purposes is then a gel filled implant. If, however, further volume is needed, the inner lumen can be filled to the desired volume before the fill tube is removed. If increased projection is desired, the inner lumen can be overfilled. Projection can thus be increased without decreasing the base diameter. The firmer pressure of the overfilled inner chamber aids in projection but without creating undue firmness, due to the presence of the soft gel. The ability to alter implant size and projection at the time of surgery eliminates the need to discard an implant that does not have the correct dimension. In addition, in the event that the desired gel implant is not available, the Spectra adjustable gel implant can be an ideal alternative because of its flexibility.

It was developed by Dr. Becker in 2006. Visit to find out more.