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Becker Breast Implants
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Adjustable Breast Implants

Adjustable Saline and Gel Implants

The most common complaint following breast augmentation surgery is the size and shape of the breast. Adjustable implants add a new dimension to breast augmentation by converting a static procedure into a dynamic procedure – The volume can be changed after surgery, thus allowing the patient and surgeon to make changes to the volume, shape and projection after surgery. Adjustable implants include single-lumen saline, double-lumen saline-gel, and adjustable gel.

The Becker/Mentor adjustable implants are available in several configurations:

100% Saline
25% silicone gel, 75% saline
50% silicone gel, 50% saline
The new adjustable gel implant 100% gel to 80% gel is adjusted by injecting saline into a small inner bag, functions like a silicone gel, and has the feel and natural shape of the silicone gel implant with the added advantage of adjustability.
Anatomical shape known as the CPG Becker 35% gel 65% saline

Empty implant with fill tube
Implant with fill tube and injection port
Implant with fill tube and injection port removed